Updating Your Website: Why It Needs To Be Done

Often times when we meet with potential clients, we often see how hesitant they are. As we sit down with them, we see to find a common answer. “We know it needs to be done but we never get around to doing it”. Now, is this the same reason that you haven’t bothered to update yours? It might not be, but here are some things to consider on why you should update your website.


  1. Mobile friendliness
    1. 85% of websites are now viewed via a smartphone, iPad, table, or other mobile device. If your website is not responsive then they will have to zoom in and it will take more time to view it. The whole point of a website is to inform the people about your business or about your products but if they are unable to see if without zooming, will they stay on your site? Our guess is no.
    2. This also helps with rankings on different search engines. If your site is mobile friendly, then it is looked upon as better than those that aren’t.
  2. Updating Information
    1. If your website has old information or has not been redone in 3-4 years then once again you are hurting yourself. Technology itself has been changed within the website world and will continue to change and websites that are outdated are being looked upon as negative in search results.
    2. WordPress, which is a content management system, is used by over 25% of the website market. There are many reasons why you should be using it and you can learn about some of them by clicking here.
    3. Websites that are Java based are not supported and if your website is still running this platform, then your website will not be shown to as many people as possible.
  3. Blogging Capabilities
    1. We are often asked on how we can help to increase views on someone’s website. One way that we suggest is by blogging and enabling social sharing. Blogging is a great way to put company happenings or about an event you are holding in the public eye. The social sharing option always for anyone to share it to different platforms and for it to be all over the place.
    2. Search engines also look at blogging as updated content and it would help with rankings.
    3. Blogging is a great resource for your customers so they can read about a specific topic or a specific product you are trying to sell.
  4. A Fresh Feel
    1. It is always a good thing to just have an updated website. Whether or not you are adding some more information or adding new areas, it could be good to reorganize your website to make it better for user experience.
    2. A fresh feeling website also will help to encourage people to come back to your site and see what else is happening within your company.