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Speed. Quality. Personalization.

Our Services

Make your brand stand out and be seen all over the world using our services. Providing web design, computer diagnostics, video editing, graphic design, directory listings, social media services, and tutoring, we do it all!

About Us

After noticing the lack of speed, quality, and personalization in the web design market, we sensed a need. Left confused or frustrated by the corporate place? Come to us, we want to help!

Our Work

We strive to make the clients needs number one and create an image and brand they can be proud of. Our priority is to help each client formulate a plan that’s right for them.

Welcome to H Grant Designs, LLC. We specialize in web and graphic design, directory listings and much more.  

Please contact us today and let us help you design a plan to meet your specific needs.


Web Design

Video Editing

Computer Diagnostics

Directory Listings


Social Media Services